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There are just about as many sales presentation styles as there are salespeople, it seems like just about everyone has their own opinion of what works and what doesn’t. One particularly interesting tool that is finding itself increasingly in use during sales presentations is the virtual model. A virtual model is usually a computer representation of a product that is rendered using complex 3D graphics technology to create a realistic mock-up of the product in a virtual environment. But is 3D sales technology for everyone? Even if you CAN use it in your presentations… should you? There are a number of reasons why 3D sales presentation technology is particularly useful and (most will agree) can be used in just about any sales process.

The first reason that 3D rendering is a great option for sales proposals is that compared to real-world prototyping, it is quite often cheaper. This will of course depend on the product itself; 3D sales tools are very handy where the initial outlay for a prototype model is either very expensive or simply not possible (for example, in the property development market).

Another reason for using interactive sales tools is that they are (in most situations) less risky to create than going ahead and investing the time and effort in creating a prototype. For example, it would be must easier to create a 3D model of a new car model than to go ahead and build it from the ground up. If the sale is not successful, the only thing that has been wasted is the time (and possibly a small amount of money) invested in creating the virtual model. This is typically much less than what would have been required to build a real-life model.

Interactive sales tools also have another added benefit – you can set your OWN terms for the sales presentation. Because the presentation is happening in a 3D model of the world, you can be reassured in the knowledge that the prototype will not malfunction or break during the presentation. You can even script your proposals down to the last detail so that no unexpected problems surface during the presentation.

Finally, interactive sales tools provide the “wow” factor that can have a powerful effect on your prospects. Provided your 3D presentation has been created by a reputable sales tools expert, you can guarantee that your presentation will look professional and aesthetically stunning. This can make even a GREAT product look that much better.

So, based on the cost effectiveness, lack of risk, level of control and ‘wow’ factor of 3D sales presentations, you can safely say that they are a great choice for most sales-teams requirements. 3D Rendering is quickly becoming another typical tool in the belt of an effective sales team; so don’t delay! See how 3D sales proposal technology can help you increase your bottom line.

Experience the latest in design innovation, leave nothing to imagination. Visualize everything! As 3D Rendering & Animation specialists, we will bring the future of your design to life, with a 1st hand look of the completed project prior to building or the planning of space.

Wir bieten unseren Kunden die Möglichkeit, Ihre fertigen Projekte zu sehen, bevor diese gebaut oder fertiggestellt sind. Unsere Fachleute benutzen die neusten Technologien und Programme, um Ihrem Projekt eine realistische Darstellung zu geben, mit der nötigen Präzision und Liebe zum Detail.

La VisEngine ha acquisito nel campo della modellazione 3D una esperienza tale da portarci all’avanguardia nel settore. Forniamo, ai nostri clienti, un’anteprima dei progetti richiesti prima della loro realizzazione. I nostri professionisti convertiranno i vostri progetti in immagini foto-realistiche o in animazioni con una precisone e un dettaglio eccezionale.


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